Affordable Samsung Galaxy A05 series leaked on IMEI database: Galaxy A05 and Galaxy A05s.

Samsung’s upcoming entry level phone series, Samsung Galaxy A05 series has made an initial appearance on IMEI database. Similar to the previous “A0” series, this upcoming series will include two models: the vanilla Galaxy A05 and Galaxy A05s.

“Galaxy A0 series” phones from Samsung have been known for their basic specifications. For instance, Galaxy A03, A03s, and A04 featured a standard 60 Hz LCD display, the first high refresh rate display introduced on Galaxy A04s model and that model’s display runs at 90 Hz.

Samsung Galaxy A05 & A05s on IMEI database

We don’t have the complete specifications of Galaxy A05 series yet but it’s obvious that Samsung aims to enhance the features of their entry level phones. While specific details are currently unavailable, the model numbers provide some clues about the devices. Here’s what we have discovered on the IMEI database.

Both Galaxy A05 and Galaxy A05s have appeared on IMEI database with 4 different variants. The model numbers of Galaxy A05 are SM-A055F, SM-A055F/DS, SM-A055M, and SM-A055M/DS. As for Galaxy A05s, the model numbers are SM-A057F, SM-A057F/DS, SM-A057F/DSN, and SM-A057G/DSN.

Galaxy A05 model numbers

  • SM-A055F
  • SM-A055F/DS
  • SM-A055M
  • SM-A055M/DS

Galaxy A05s model numbers

  • SM-A057F
  • SM-A057F/DS
  • SM-A057F/DSN
  • SM-A057G/DSN

Similar to Galaxy A04 series, the Galaxy A05 series is expected to be available in various regions. While Galaxy A04s featured NFC, the A04 did not. It’s anticipated that this trend will continue with the A05 series.

Looking at the model numbers, Galaxy A05 likely won’t have NFC, whereas the A05s will have models that will come with NFC. Additionally, there will be both single SIM and dual SIM variants depending on the region.

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