Apple dominates the smartwatch market in Japan, Apple ranks 1st and Xiaomi 4th.

MM Research Institute has recently released a report of the smartwatch market share in Japan for 2022. The total sales of smartwatches reached an impressive 3,903,000 units, marking a significant 13% increase compared to the previous year.

Japanese smartwatch market

Japan has always been a market with a strong affinity for Apple products, and smartwatches are no exception. With the iPhone’s widespread usage in the country, it is no surprise that Apple dominates the smartwatch market as well. In 2022, Apple accounted for a remarkable 58.3% of all smartwatches sold in Japan.

There’s a minor decline of 3.3% in Apple’s sales rates when compared to 2021, the fact that they continue to have more than 50% of the market share shows how just popular Apple is in Japan. Huawei came in second with 12.4% market share.

In third place is Fitbit, which was acquired by Google, further solidifying its presence in the Japanese market. Xiaomi, known for its diverse range of products and affordability, claimed the fourth spot. While Xiaomi’s sales rates in Japan may still be relatively low, it is worth noting that they managed to climb from the fifth position to fourth compared to previous years, indicating a positive trend.

Xiaomi’s success in Japan can be credited to their wide range of smartwatches available, as well as their competitive pricing strategy. Xiaomi has effectively entered the Japanese market and captured consumers’ interest by offering new affordable options.

As the smartwatch industry continues to evolve and offer innovative features, people are increasingly inclined to purchase a smartwatch. Don’t forget to share which watch you prefer in the comments section!

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