Apple is working on a drop-resistant Taptic Engine mechanism.

The US Patent & Trademark Office has released a new patent application by Apple, which aims to enhance the protection of their Taptic Engine. Apple’s vibration mechanism, Taptic Engine  plays a significant role in iPhones and even Apple Watches.

Shock-Ressistant brand new Taptic Engine by Apple

The vibration motor may suffer damage if the devices equipped with Taptic Engine are accidentally dropped, resulting in inadequate haptic feedback for users. Taptic Engine mechanism may experience a complete failure, causing the device to lose its vibration functionality altogether.

Apple clarifies that certain haptic engines incorporate a suspended mass that is stimulated to generate a haptic output. Building upon the current haptic feedback engine, Apple introduces a new additional non-linear spring component on the exterior to mitigate the impact forces in case of a drop or collision.

Due to Apple’s ownership of this patent, other manufacturers will be unable to utilize this technology. Nonetheless, it is commendable that Apple is trying to enhance the durability of their own devices. For more comprehensive insights into the functioning of this mechanism, detailed images and explanations can be found in the recent article by Patently Apple.

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