Apple Unveils New Tool, Enabling mac OS to Run Win10 and Win11 Games with DirectX 12 Support

Apple, during the WWDC 2023 event held on June 7th, directly discussed how to simulate Win10 and Win11 systems running games on macOS, along with “instruction and Direct3D translation types” and other important details. Supporting DirectX 12, Apple has released a new tool: It can run Win10 and Win11 games on macOS. During this event, Apple created a new environment on the macOS platform and introduced Metal Shader Converter and Metal debugging tools to further enhance the potential performance of games and reduce the preliminary work that could take several months.

After an in-depth investigation by developer Andrew Tsai, it was confirmed that the simulation tool is actually a modified version of Wine based on CrossOver 21.1.1. CrossOver is a software solution that enables macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS to seamlessly run Windows applications by leveraging the Wine compatibility layer. Prior to the opening of the WWDC 2023 Developers Conference, development company CodeWeavers announced that CrossOver would support Microsoft DirectX 12 this summer, which is good news for gamers.

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