Apple will use under-screen sensors and remove the notch soon

Apple has always aimed to achieve a notch-less full-screen iPhone with completely hidden buttons, interfaces, and earpieces. In pursuit of this goal, Apple has continuously developed new technologies and recently unveiled a technical patent for under-display Face ID. According to the patent description, Apple indicates that various sensors, including Touch ID sensors, sensors measuring three-dimensional touch gestures, and pressure sensors for position, orientation, and direction detection, can be placed beneath the screen. Additionally, other sensors such as motion sensors (e.g., accelerometers, magnetic sensors including compass sensors, gyroscopes, and inertial measurement units) and health sensors could also be utilized.

This patent could be a significant step towards providing a more impressive full-screen experience in future iPhone models by Apple. The use of under-display sensors could offer users easier access to facial recognition technology and make the most of a wider screen area without any physical buttons or notches on the front of the phone.

Apple’s constant push of technological boundaries and innovative solutions generate excitement among iPhone users. The realization of under-display Face ID could give Apple a competitive edge over its rivals and provide users with a more seamless experience.

Of course, the timing and specific iPhone models for implementing this patent remain uncertain. However, it is a fact that Apple consistently keeps up with technological advancements and continues to enhance its products in innovative ways. Therefore, the concept of utilizing more advanced under-display sensors in future iPhone models holds exciting potential.

In conclusion, the under-display Face ID technology revealed in Apple’s new patent indicates the possibility of future iPhones featuring even more innovative and notch-less designs. Users could benefit from a wider screen area and a more convenient facial recognition experience. However, the actual implementation timeline and details remain undisclosed. Technology enthusiasts and iPhone users will eagerly await Apple’s future innovations.

According to previous statements, Apple will first implement the smart notch-hole design across the entire iPhone 15 series this year and gradually reduce the size of the notch-hole in the future. The under-display solution will only be seen in the iPhone 17 Pro model, at the earliest.

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