China smartphone shipment report reveals huge difference from global market, vivo takes the lead!

Canalys released a report on the smartphone market shipment rate in China, indicating that the decline in global smartphone shipments is also present in the Chinese market in Q2 2023. During this period, smartphone shipments experienced a 10% global decline, while in China, there was a 5% decrease. One possible reason for this trend is that phones sold in China are generally cheapr compared to global market.

Chinese OEMs often offer better models exclusively in China. For instance, Redmi Note 12 Discovery, featuring a 240W charging speed, was only available in China and not sold globally. Xiaomi’s fastest charging speed phone in global market charges at only 120W.

China smartphone shipment rate in Q2 2023

The smartphone market in China demonstrates significant differences from the global market. Vivo emerged as the top player with an 18% market share, having sold a total of 11.8 million units. Samsung, on the other hand, didn’t even make it into the top five. OPPO and OnePlus secured second place with an 18% market share and 11.4 million units sold.

Apple occupied the third position with a 16% market share and total sales of 10.4 million units. Honor followed in fourth place with 10.3 million units sold and a 13% market share. Finally, Xiaomi ranked fifth with a 13% market share, having sold 8.6 million units.

Amper Liu, an analyst at Canalys, highlighted that consumers in China are showing a preference for high quality devices. As a result, the average phone sold in China costs more than $450 currently. There is a shift towards buying flagship devices or powerful midrange phones instead of entry level or midrange options with basic features. Additionally, there is a growing demand for foldable devices, contributing to the increase in the average selling price of phones in the market.

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