Chinese smartphone manufacturers shift from super-fast charging to bigger capacity batteries

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are now moving into a different direction of their fast charging technology while Samsung and Apple have not yet fully adapted fast charging technology on their phones. Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, realme and many more Chinese phone manufacturers have recently started to introduce super-fast charging phones.

The smartphone companies to offer bigger batteries but ditching the super-fast charging.

The fast charging journey that started with 67W and 80W has now reached up to 240W, even the reports reveal that Xiaomi and OPPO are working on a 300W charging phone. Since Chinese smartphone manufacturers have been offering fast charging for a long time, we can say that super-fast charging phones are quite reliable, but these phones have a problem different the safety and it’s the battery capacity.

Let’s take a look at two phones from Xiaomi, Redmi Note 12 Pro+ and Redmi Note 12 Discovery. Both phones share similar specifications and design, with a thickness of around 9mm and a 6.67″ display. The key difference lies in their batteries. Redmi Note 12 Pro+ features 120W fast charging, while Redmi Note 12 Discovery boasts 210W charging.

While the Discovery variant has much faster charging technology, it actually sacrifices battery capacity. The Discovery has a 4300mAh battery, whereas the Pro+ model offers a whopping 5000mAh capacity. Due to the space required for fast charging components, manufacturers reduce battery capacity to save space inside the phone.

The rapid advancement of fast charging technology in smartphones has led to a debate among users. The ability to charge a phone in 10 minutes worth sacrificing battery capacity?

The tech blogger on Weibo revealed the smartphone manufacturers’ efforts to exceed the 5000mAh capacity, which has become the upper limit standard in these days. In the future, we may witness phones with even larger capacities than 5000 mAh, striking a balance between charging speed and battery life. We might have phones with 5200 mAh capacity battery paired with 100W charging or 5500 mAh capacity with 90W charging.

So, what are your thoughts on fast charging phones? Would you sacrifice the bigger capacity to be able to fully charge your phone faster? Please comment down below!

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