Choose wisely, find the most durable smartphone in the market

Which smartphone is the most durable in today’s smartphone market? It is actually not easy to answer this question because it is quite wrong to call an X brand’s all products are the most durable ones. Even big tech There are many smartphone manufacturers, and they all release a huge number of devices each year. Even big tech companies like Apple and Samsung can introduce really poorly performing devices. Here are the things you need to consider if you want to use a phone for a very long time and here is our general impression of the smartphone market.

iPhone 15 Pro gained a lot of attention when it was first released with its faster and new processor, thinner screen bezels, and new periscope camera. It seems like a such better package than iPhone 14 Pro, but sadly, the 15 Pro is way more fragile than the 14 Pro. This perfectly shows us that the newer one is not always better.

AppleTrack did a drop test in which they repeatedly dropped iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro from the same height, leaving the 15 Pro frustrated. The back of the 15 Pro phone was entirely broken, yet the 14 Pro’s back shows absolutely no signs of major cracks. You can watch the drop test video here. Before purchasing a phone, you should do some research as the phone makers don’t advertise their products by saying like “This is our new phone, which is more fragile than the previous model.” It was unexpected, but the 15 Pro is indeed more fragile than its predecessor.

There are quite a lot of phones with chronic issues. For instance, certain OnePlus smartphones may display a green line on the screen, while some POCO models have a history of motherboard failure. Both of the issues occur without the user’s mistake. A quick Google search before buying the smartphone will help you a lot, you will know if the phone you want to buy has an issue before you paid for it.

Now that you’ve avoided phones with chronic problems, if you want to have one of the most durable smartphones and use for a long time, another thing to consider is actually buying a flagship device or a phone with a powerful processor. As time goes by, smartphone apps offer new features, but these new features cause the apps to consume more processing power, and entry level devices may run smoothly when you first buy the phone, but after a few years it will lag while using the apps you’ve installed.

If you have enough budget, you can consider buying iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S series, it is very good idea to go with Samsung if you want to own an Android phone with long OS update period. For those with a lower budget, exploring Xiaomi’s flagship series or devices from the “Xiaomi T” series is also a good alternative. It is not easy to refer to a particular model as the most durable one because, as we have already explained, your research is the only way to identify the most durable phone that fits within your budget. The best thing you can do would be not to buy a phone as soon as it is introduced, let a few months pass and you can buy it after making sure that the device doesn’t come with a chronic issue.

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