Devil May Cry 6 Update: All You Need to Know from Release Date, Trailer to Storyline

The Devil May Cry series is one of the best hack-and-slash series in the gaming industry. Considered to be one of the most wildly successful franchises with its latest edition Devil May Cry 5 released in 2019 selling over 6 million copies worldwide along with a lot of positive reviews. And ever since a long while, fans have been speculating and anticipating the Devil May Cry 6 release information.

Devil May Cry 6 Release Date

It would be incredibly hard to predict the Devil May Cry 6 release date since as of now officially there has been no information from the creator studios that is Capcom. But will there be a Devil May Cry 6? Yes, highly likely, the success of DMC 5 indicates that the studio will look forward to releasing a new edition.

Historical Release Patterns

If we look at the release pattern of the last two games from this franchise, Devil May Cry 4 was released in 2008. Which was followed by Devil May Cry 5 released 11 years later in 2019. Does it mean we should wait for 10 years? Well to decide that, we need to look over how action-packed storyline games are released. GTA 6 is releasing after 12 years of GTA V, all the other games which include comprehensive storylines have shown that they usually take this much time to release their new editions.

Although the Devil May Cry 6 is probably under construction, Just slower. The fans have been anticipating and speculating the release dates to be approximately in late 2025 or 2026. Dante might as well be back in action sooner than we think. The delay is because Capcom has a lot of work on its shoulders at present.

Capcom’s Development Timelines

They are very busy with the remakes of Resident Evil versions and the director of the Devil May Cry franchise, Hideaki Itsuno is busy shipping the recently released “Dragon’s Dogma 2” (12 years after its first edition).

But the new Devil May Cry 6 is an inevitability. It does not matter how busy the studio has been with other projects, Devil May Cry remains one of their most successful franchises.

Devil May Cry 6 Release Date

Development and Trailer

While there might be a lot of speculation from the fans, this is to be clarified that officially there has been no announcement from Capcom regarding the Devil May Cry 6. There was some tease from Casey Edwards, who is the music composer of Devil May Cry 5. He posted a tweet stating: “So, what if I were to write more official Devil May Cry music?” with a 👀 emoji at the end.

Development Status

The tweet was posted just a day before the Game Awards night. This left fans wondering if it might be a tease for the sequel DMC Devil May Cry 6 but to their disappointment, it was related to the Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat.

A new mobile game announced by Capcom was prepared to be released in January 2024. Far away from the anticipated sequel. The peak of the Game takes the journey to mobile with the options of playable characters such as Dante, Vergil, Nero, and Lady as they fight the demons and goths.

The graphics are stunning for a phone game with action-packed adventures, smooth animations, and immersive gameplay. Make sure to try it out! While the OG fans were disappointed upon hearing of the tweet, the game has been receiving positive reviews on their app stores Android and iOS.

Devil May Cry 6 Trailer

Here is the concept trailer. released (fan-made) as the Devil May Cry 6 trailer suggested Devil May Cry 6 confirmed which portrayed the characters in multiple locations suggesting we might see a different protagonist and different, fresh locations. However, this is to be clarified that there has been no official trailer from Capcom yet.

But we must keep our eyes on the new updates as these fan-made trailers may not be 100% true, they are also never totally false either. And the release hints at possibly some new updates to keep an eye on.

System Requirements

The Devil May Cry 5 had these requirements:

  • OS: WINDOWS® 10 (64-BIT Required)
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4460, AMD FX™-6300, or better.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 or AMD Radeon™ R7 260x with 2GB Video RAM or better.
  • DirectX: Version 11.
  • Storage: 35 GB available space.

Predicting that these will be the minimum requirement, probably slightly more. Since the game has a long time to be released, we have no official announcement on the system requirements so far. What we can tell you though is that the software needs to be optimized for performance.

Potential Storyline

Based on fan theories and speculations from multiple forums, we can say:

Return of Classic Characters: Dante, Nero, and Vergil

One of the possibilities is that we can finally see all the protagonists together, the reunion of Dante, Vergil, and Nero. Given how Devil May Cry 5 has ended with Dante and Vergil together, we can hope for them to get along with each other after all this time.

With all of them being stuck together in a particular place for a long time such as hell or a trap village created by one of the villains, Potentially Nero can now help to put an end to the long-time dispute between the protagonists.

Character Evolution

Change in protagonists, maybe we can see Nero as the protagonist giving the fans a completely new and fresh storyline. Nero’s relationship with both of them can also be more explored, Nero could call his mother and let fans know who the mother is. And it can also be confirmed that Nero is Vergil’s son seeing how fans have already speculated that from DMC 4 and 5.

While it is true that Capcom has its share of struggles trying to pass on the legacy, Nero has been brought up well in DMC 4 and 5. So it would be a great idea for his character development to now become in charge of Dante’s devil-hunting business.

New and Returning Characters

Lucia and Kylie could also possibly return and be given more depth to their characters and have more importance in the franchise as they have not used much yet. Lucia had a key role in defeating Argius and Argosax. Maybe we could create a scenario where the demon type is similar to them and we bring these people and also provide a solid foundation as a devil hunter who has her short storyline.

Prequel. DMC 3 did a phenomenal job when it came to prequels. It beautifully completed the story about Dante’s devil-hunting journey and justified the speculations around Nero. This time they could even further back and explain in depth what happened between the brothers, and how it turned up to this big of a rivalry. And also this would help understanding the character depth of Vergil, now that he would become a father.

Gameplay and Features

DMC 6 will aim to be better than its predecessors, with much better gameplay including new features. DMC 6 looks promising to improvise much better and more intense combat sequences, incredible visualization, and an immersive storyline. The Devil Trigger mechanic, which grants incredible strength and speed, will make a triumphant return, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

The 6th installment is also expected to show better combat styles and a wide variety of weapons and abilities. Players can explore amazing combos and use trigger mechanics while battling against enemies.

From what we can say, fans have certain expectations in particular areas such as maintaining the balance between tech and skill movements.

  • Fans would love to have new combat mechanics and new abilities apart from the reversals. Maybe telekinesis, or adding the concept of cloning yourself could be something great. Something which went viral such as Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, mission 6. Or the Devil May Cry 4, mission 6.
  • Introduction of several new playable characters within the storyline and every character provided with an expanded set of movements. And an increase of missions, previously we have had up to 20 main story missions, maybe add 5 more and have 25 missions in Devil May Cry 6.
  • Fans loved DMC 5, but their collective union accepted that Capcom traded advanced tech with more expressive gameplay. For instance, In DMC 5 Nero had so much creative potential, that the inventory system for the breakers replicates how every player in 3 would find their style. Dante himself takes this even further, with a massive moveset and custom loadouts.
  • A lot of fans speculated that the ideas of Inertia and reversals felt very amusing to them in DMC 4. While they had to hope that there might not be any bugs, with the newest edition we can give fans the best of both worlds, with reversals, etc with a high-skill floor.

However, still, there has been no official announcement from Capcom yet.

Devil May Cry 6 Characters

The DMC franchise spends a lot of time on character development. We have seen the Dante Devil May Cry 6 in DMC 3 and how they helped provide the entire journey to give fans and the character a better outlook. It is expected that DMC 6 might introduce us to entirely new characters and also new protagonists.

As mentioned earlier, Nero has a high chance of becoming the successor of Dante on his mission of Devil Hunting. This would provide a lot of character development in Dante and Vergil’s relationship. We can also expect Lucia and Kylie to have some input in the 6th installment.

The character designs may still be the same, As we have seen the developers have kept a steady design ever since the beginning of the game. Dante with the red outfit and Vergil with the grayish outfit. Nero however can change his attire if he is given a protagonist role.

It would be a great idea to introduce him in new colors indicating that the whole story is fresh with designs as well. The voice actors for Dante and Vergil, Reuben Langdon and Daniel Southworth respectively are expected to return.

Community and Expectations

The community has their speculations about how the game will take on the road in this new journey, along with certain expectations, people have been more about it on Reddit forums.

Community Speculation

For instance, here are some of their thoughts and expectations:

  • Some fans speculate that Nero is becoming very similar to Dante’s DMC 1-style character personality.
  • They want to revive Sparda and give more light on the character as Nero, Dante, and Vergil have already cried on DMC 3,4,5 respectively. The devils May Cry 6 (pun intended).
  • People still don’t seem ready to give up Dante, however, the team has probably hinted at that during the ending of DMC 5.
  • Fans speculate Capcom Devil May Cry 6 may not be a priority right now but it is going to be released sooner or later. 6 will be very different from DMC 5 and a new direction for the franchise. They have loved DMC4 and DMC4SE and 5 as well but they think everything will be fresh and unique from the 6th installment.

Capcom’s Current Focus

The real reason why Capcom has been very quiet about Devil May Cry 6 is their upcoming projects. The resident evil remake, Dragon’s Dogma 2. Such projects are also the reason behind the delay of DMC 6. Resident Evil has observed a lot of remakes and is continuously being released every 1.5 – 2 years.

And considering their latest DMC project, The DMC: Peak Of Combat, it suggests that the studio just does not have time and we might have to wait a long while until we hear anything about DMC 6. Hideaki Itsuno has been very busy with Dragon Dogma 2 which was also just released months ago so it’s highly likely the developers have been rigorously working on a lot of projects.


So will there be a Devil May Cry 6? Probably. When will Devil May Cry 6 come out? Well, DMC 6 may not be a priority right now but it is going to be released sooner or later. One of the most successful franchises in the gaming industry after all. DMC 6 is very hyped up, especially since the tweet of Casey. Fans are aware it’s going to take some time but are highly anticipating any new information regarding this project.

Stay tuned to find out official announcements and new major updates from Capcom! We might have it anytime now.

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