Embrace the Elegance: 5 Awesome Advantages of Using the Dark Theme!

A few years ago, the dark theme or dark mode wasn’t particularly popular, but now it’s available in almost all applications. You might be undecided about whether to use dark mode or not, but we strongly recommend using it.

Modern Android and iOS versions already have dark mode, but some applications might not support it. We highly recommend using dark mode for both your health and your device’s battery life. Here are 5 reasons why you should use dark mode:

Dark mode can extend battery life

If you’re using a device with a battery, such as a tablet, phone, or laptop, enabling dark mode can actually increase battery life.

If your device has an OLED screen and activate the dark mode, the black pixels on your display won’t consume electricity and that positively contributes to battery life. For non-OLED screens, the backlight will still work but only the colors of pixels will change. If you have low battery and need to use your device a bit longer, you can enable dark mode to save power.

Dark mode can reduce eye strain

Being exposed to white backgrounds throughout the day, especially in digital environments, can cause eye strain. You might feel like your eyes hurt.

Enabling dark mode, especially on an OLED screen, reduces the whole light displayed on background. Since the pixels are completely turned off, no light comes from a big portion of the screen.

Dark mode can improve your sleep

Screens emit blue light just like the sun, and the blue light from screens can trick your brain as if it were daytime.

You can enable a blue light filter, which often gives the screen a yellowish tint. Additionally, using dark mode significantly reduces the blue light effect. When your brain perceives that there’s less blue light, it becomes much easier to fall asleep.

Dark theme enhances device performance

If you constantly use your device at maximum brightness, you should definitely consider using dark mode. If you have a device with an OLED screen, dark mode turns off a large number of pixels, reducing the screen’s energy consumption.

The screen is one of the components that consume the most power in phones. A phone with a screen at maximum brightness won’t have the same battery life as one used at lower brightness.

Since the screen is one of the components that consume the most power, an OLED panel in light mode will consume more energy compared to dark mode, leading to more heat generation. Using dark mode can keep your phone cooler and performance gain.

Dark theme makes switching between your devices more convenient

If you find yourself using multiple electronic devices during the evening hours, we strongly recommend enabling dark mode.

Let’s say you have dark mode active on your tablet while using it in low light. Suddenly switching to light mode on your computer can be harsh on your eyes. If you’re in a low-light environment, it’s best to use dark mode on all your devices.

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