Enhanced Stylus Pen Functionality Coming to Android 14 Beta 3

According to recent reports, Android 14 Beta 3 is said to introduce native support for stylus pens and the ability to assign different button functions to the stylus. This information was shared by Twitter user @MishaalRahman, who focuses on exploring Android features.

In the screenshot posted by @MishaalRahman, the code mentions the “primary,” “secondary,” “tertiary,” and “rear” buttons of the stylus. The description of the “rear” button specifically emphasizes that it does not typically correspond to the eraser function. When the “rear” button keycode of the stylus is triggered, Android 14 Beta 3 displays a toast message and prompts the user to set the default note-taking app in the “Settings” app. @MishaalRahman speculates that this “rear” button may launch the default note-taking application.

Currently, smartphones with stylus support are primarily found in Samsung’s Galaxy Ultra series. The stylus pen that comes with these devices also has a button at the rear, but its purpose is solely to extract or secure the stylus within the phone.

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