First smartphone to feature MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Ultra will be a Redmi

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphones, Redmi, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, is set to make waves with the introduction of the Redmi K70E – the first smartphone to feature the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Ultra. This collaboration between Redmi and MediaTek promises to deliver cutting-edge AI capabilities and top-notch performance, marking a significant step forward in the AI revolution within the smartphone industry.

Unveiling the MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Ultra

Redmi recently teased the partnership with MediaTek on Weibo, announcing the birth of the “AI flagship core” – the Dimensity 8300 Ultra. The new processor inherits technology from the Dimensity 9300, promising exceptional AI computing power. Redmi enthusiasts were encouraged to comment on the post, with the chance to win a K70E for free, generating considerable excitement around the upcoming device.

During the introduction event, the Dimensity 8300 Ultra’s capabilities were highlighted, showcasing an impressive AnTuTu score of 1526328. This score reflects the chipset’s prowess in delivering high-performance AI computing, setting the stage for a device that caters to the demands of modern smartphone users.

Unpacking the Dimensity 8300 Ultra

The Dimensity 8300 Ultra features a powerful configuration, comprising 1 × 3.35GHz Cortex-A715 performance core, 3 × 3.32GHz Cortex-A715 performance cores, and 4 × 2.2GHz Cortex-A510 power-efficient cores. Accompanied by the Mali-G615 MC6 GPU, this combination is designed to deliver a seamless user experience, whether it be for gaming, multitasking, or AI-driven applications.

Leaked benchmark scores reveal a single-core score of 1512 and a multi-core score of 4886, positioning the Dimensity 8300 Ultra as a noteworthy competitor in the market. The chipset’s performance is reported to surpass its predecessor, the Dimensity 8200, and the 8200-Ultra, making it an exciting addition to the MediaTek lineup.

Dimensity 8300 Ultra vs. the Competition

The Redmi K70E, powered by the Dimensity 8300 Ultra, is expected to compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 SoC. According to leaks, the Dimensity 8300 Ultra’s performance is anticipated to outshine its Qualcomm counterpart, offering users a device with a superior blend of power and efficiency. The chipset is crafted using TSMC’s N4 process, underlining MediaTek’s commitment to cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

Global Availability

Excitingly, the Redmi K70E is not limited to a specific market. The device, featuring the MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Ultra, will be available for purchase in the global market, ensuring that users worldwide can experience the advanced capabilities and innovations packed into this AI-driven powerhouse.


The Redmi K70E’s adoption of the MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Ultra marks a milestone in the collaboration between Redmi and MediaTek. As the smartphone industry continues to push the boundaries of technology, this partnership promises a device that not only embraces the AI revolution but also delivers exceptional performance and a seamless user experience. With the global release on the horizon, Redmi enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of a smartphone that sets new standards in the competitive world of mobile technology.


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