Get ready to wear your sunglasses, the brightest smartphone display in the world is underway

The phone manufacturers are consistently pushing boundaries in display brightness and Xiaomi is taking another big step, the upcoming Redmi K70 Pro is set to redefine standards as it boasts the world’s brightest smartphone display with an impressive 4000 nits of brightness. Redmi K70 Pro screen will come with 2K resolution in addition to its whopping 4000 nit brightness. Xiaomi had previously announced that Redmi K70 Pro will come with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, and now the display details have been shared by Xiaomi officials.

A smartphone with 2000 nits of brightness felt impossible only a few years ago. However, some of phone manufacturers have moved forward significantly in the display brightness. Samsung S23 Ultra boasts a brightness of 1750 nits. OPPO took the S23 Ultra’s lead with the Find X6 Pro model which has 2500 nits display. And then Xiaomi 13 Ultra dethroned OPPO with a 2600 nits display. With an amazing 4000 nits of brightness, the Redmi K70 Pro is now ready to become the new best of the market.

Furthermore, Redmi K70 Pro has 3840 Hz PWM dimming, which is excellent for your eye health. It appears that Xiaomi is ready to launch the K70 Pro as like a flagship device. Thanks to the 2K resolution high brightness and PWM rate, the screen is fairly ambitious. Xiaomi also revealed more details regarding Redmi K70 Pro’s specifications.

Redmi K70 Pro will feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and come equipped with the Light Hunter 800 image sensor, with a size of 1/1.55-inch. This image sensor is the same as the one in the main camera of Xiaomi 14. Redmi K70 Pro is not only impressive in terms of its display but also makes bold strides in the camera department.

Everything looks superior about Redmi K70 Pro however we have some disappointing news to share, and that is Redmi K70 Pro will be an China exclusive device. We will keep you updated on Redmi K70 Pro; while it’s not confirmed at the moment, Xiaomi might introduce another smartphone model with same specs as Redmi K70 Pro for the global market in the future.

Source: Xiaomi Weibo

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