Global 5G Smartphone Sales to Increase by 3.9% in Q1 2023

According to Techinsight’s official report, Global 5G smartphone sales will increase by 3.9% in Q1 2023. The interest rate for 5G supported smartphones is increasing. People want to experience high speed internet at its best.

For this reason, mobile phones with 5G are highly preferred. Who is the brand with the most Global 5G smartphone sales? You can most likely guess. In addition, when the data revealed in the report is examined, it seems that Apple makes the most sales.

Global 5G Smartphone Sales

5G will become one of the most important parts of our lives. Users are already considering changing their smartphones to keep up with this trend. Smartphone manufacturers, on the other hand, continue to develop new products to meet the needs of users. Considering the report, we can see many smartphone manufacturers on the list. The first brands we see are Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi.

Apple sells the most 5G smartphones globally. Samsung is in 2nd place with 21%, and Xiaomi is in 3rd place with 12%. The total sales rate of other brands such as Oppo is 24%. Oppo has 10%, Vivo 8% and Honor 6%. In addition, brands such as Google, HMD Global and Oneplus began to gain market share slowly. Global 5G smartphone sales are expected to increase. High speed internet is one of the necessities of our life. People deserve to have the best experience.

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