Google Camera renamed to Pixel Camera; and is now exclusive to Pixel devices

If you are a tech enthusiast and have some knowledge about Android development, you are probably aware of how important Google Camera is for die-hard fans. It is essentially a port of the stock camera from Google devices to other Android smartphones. As Google’s image processing is known to be top-notch, users can enjoy the same level of image quality on their non-Pixel devices. However, recent reports on the internet suggest that Google Camera has been renamed Pixel Camera. Read on to find out more!

Pixel camera would be exclusive to Pixel devices; confirms Google

As per a report by IT Homes, Google has decided to rename the Google camera to Pixel camera. The change has been reflected in all the latest Pixel devices. The Play Store also labels the app “Pixel Camera” instead of Google Camera. To confirm, the Pixel camera is exclusive to only Pixel devices.

Google has introduced a new app for its Pixel 8 series of smartphones, which includes several modifications and changes. As per the sources, the latest update not just changes the Google camera but also brings the native Android 14 sharing interface for Google Photos, along with a change in its name. Whenever a user selects the share icon, a “Share Picture” interface pops up, and there is a “Modify” button on the top right corner of the screen. This interface allows users to share multiple images at once.

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Is it going to affect the Google camera port in the future?

Most probably, No. It’s just an app rename and nothing else. There has been no official confirmation from the brand on whether they have limited the development stuff to the app or have made some internal changes or not. We will continue to see the ports of Google cameras in the future.

However, take this information with a pinch of salt as we really have no confirmation from either the developers or the brand. Maybe after a few weeks or months, we will get more information on what exactly will happen to the ported apps.

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