Google Pixel 8 Pro reportedly has the same network and battery issues like its predecessor

With the debut of the Pixel 6, Google fully revamped its Pixel smartphone series, utilizing its self-designed Tensor processor. This was a departure from their past reliance on Qualcomm Snapdragon. However, early iterations of the Tensor chipset encountered severe issues, including overheating and performance throttling. These flaws were expected to be fixed with the release of the Pixel 8 Pro. However, according to a recent internet post, similar issues exist with the Pixel 8 series. Continue reading for more information!

Google Pixel 8 Pro users are reporting network reception issues!

The initial network reception issues appeared with the Google Pixel 6 series and persisted until the Pixel 7 series, despite some attempts by the brand to improve. Expectations were high that the Pixel 8 range would address these issues, but users saw no substantial changes. Unfortunately, the Pixel 8 Pro aggravated the network reception issues. Furthermore, the smartphone exhibits shocking battery depletion while using mobile networks versus Wi-Fi, contributing to user dissatisfaction

You could wonder whether it’s acceptable for a device to use more battery power on a mobile network than on Wi-Fi, and you’d be right. However, users observe an unusual disparity between these two forms of usage. The significant disparity shows that the device may have battery-related issues that go beyond what is deemed usual.

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Numerous users on Reddit and the XDA forums have raised concerns about poor battery life, particularly with the regular Pixel 8 phones. The Exynos 5300 modem built inside the Tensor G3 chip is blamed by these consumers. Many people report experiencing unusual battery loss when using mobile data. It has been observed that users feel forced to recharge their phones after around five hours of use on a mobile network, as opposed to approximately eight hours of battery life when connected to Wi-Fi.

Some Pixel 8 Pro owners have also experienced a similar issue, raising more concerns about the Google Tensor chipset’s optimization. We hope that the brand will address the problem as soon as feasible.[Via]

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