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Google Pixel 9, Pixel 8a and other 2024 Pixel model numbers are leaked

The launch date of the Pixel 8 series is less than 15 days away. New Google devices added to the IMEI database; It also revealed us Pixel 8a, Pixel 9 series and some unknown devices. In these monthly scans, we have listed the devices detected according to the periods. Based on past information and estimates, the model numbers of the Pixel 8A and Pixel 9 series have been definitively determined. However, we do not know exactly whether these model numbers belong to those devices. It is a high probability guess.

Devices prepared for mass production appear at least 4 times in the IMEI database. After the Pixel 8 series, which will be introduced soon, the Pixel 8a series is coming. The GKV4X and GGH2X model numbers in the IMEI database appeared in July that indicates that these model numbers are may be Pixel 8A. Each device has 3 different regions. Global, USA and Japanese. These models may be Global and USA.

  • GRY0E x4 – Market Name: FL22
  • GR83Y x4
  • GBDU9 x4 – Market Name: FSE22
  • GGX8B x4
  • G2YBB x4
  • GKV4X x4
  • GGH2X x4
  • GWVK6 x2
  • G1B60 x2
  • GEC77
  • GC15S
  • P11 NA
  • G0CEX – Market Name: FL22
  • G576D
  • GQ57S
  • G8HHN
  • GRZ2N – Market Name: FSE22
  • GUR25

According to a leaked roadmap of Google shared on Android Authority, the Pixel 9 series could be available as 3 devices. Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro Compact, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel Fold 2 and Pixel Watch 3 (it haven’t mentioned) If devices will be introduced in this way, a total of 5 devices should appear in 2024.

Pixel Fold with Tensor G1, which was leaked as Passport  has 3 different model numbers for regions, but Felix with Tensor G2 has a single model number for every region. If all 5 devices will be introduced, there should be 15 model numbers. The model numbers G0CEX, GRZ2N, GBDU9 and GRY0E appeared to be devices with the market names FL22 and FSE22. It is also unclear what P11 NA is. When we remove the unknown P11 NA device (we think it is chromebook with 5G), 17 model numbers are remaining in list. These reveal Pixel Fold 2, Pixel 8a, Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro Compact, Pixel 9 Pro devices. So 2 devices are unknown devices.

This means that the names and model numbers of the devices that will be introduced in 2024 have been revealed for sure. If there are those who are eagerly waiting for a really small Pixel 9 Pro device, this news has revealed their accuracy.

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