Google Wallet will now act as key for your hotel rooms

Google’s digital wallet app, the Google Wallet has been in the spotlight for its functionality. The app was previously unavailable in the Indian market but after receiving a huge request from the fans, the firm decided to unveil the Google Wallet in India as well officially. Now the tech giant is adding new functionality to the application, which can act as keys for your hotel rooms.

Google Wallet gets support for hotel key functionality

Google has silently added support for hotel key functionality in its Google Wallet app. The support page with the details of these features is now live. Eligible users can now save and use their keys directly from the app wherever supported. The user will first need to add the key to the Wallet and once done, you can safely and securely use the keys to access hotels, guestrooms and other supported areas.

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Yes, the support of digital keys in Google Wallet is not going to be restricted to hotel rooms. Other card-protected areas such as pools, gyms and elevators will also be supported. Adding digital keys in the Google Wallet is simple. You need to visit the supported hotel’s website or app and then follow the email instructions. You will then get an option to add keys to Google Wallet. Click on it and follow next steps. You will be redirected to Google Wallet and the keys will be added successfully.

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Do keep in mind that not all hotels and common secured areas are supported by Google Wallet for now. The brand claims that it is going to expand support in the future.

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