Google’s new June Feature Drop here: A sneak peek into the new features

Google recently unveiled their latest Feature Drop, which includes a range of brand new features. This Feature Drop introduces a couple of new widgets and tiles specifically designed for Android devices and smartwatches running Wear OS. Let’s take a look at what this new Feature Drop offers.

Google’s New Feature Drop: June 2023

Google has updated the widgets of several of its apps in this Feature Drop. The Google Finance widget now provides detailed stock data on the home screen. The Google TV widget can display recommended content right on the home screen and the Google News widget allows users to view headlines directly on the home screen.

Google Play Books introduces a “Practice” badge on the interactive books designed to help children improve their reading skills. These interactive books enable kids to learn how to pronounce words they doın’t know, and if they mispronounce a word, a warning message appears in real time.

One of Gboard’s most popular features, Emoji Kitchen, which allows you to create a new sticker using multiple emojis, now supports aqua-themed emojis. Brand new stickers can now be created with (🦈🐬🐬🐋) emojis.

Spotify app on Wear OS introduces new tiles, including Podcasts, Heavy Rotation, and AJ DJ, which offers personalized music and podcast recommendations.

The new widgets of some Google apps are available globally and require Android 6 or newer. The reading practice feature for kids is only available in the US and requires Android 8 or newer. The new Emoji Kitchen stickers are available globally and require Android 6 or newer.


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