HMD Global Plans to Stock Renewed Nokia Branded Phones and Tablets in 2023

HMD Global has officially announced plans to stock renewed Nokia branded phones and tablets in 2023. The company revealed this significant step in its recently released 2023 Sustainable Development Progress Report.

Initially, the service will be available in the United Kingdom and Germany, providing consumers with officially renewed Nokia branded phones and tablets. It is planned to expand to more countries and regions later on. This move aims to offer users a more affordable option while also reducing environmental impact.

In addition to the official sales refurbishment, HMD Global also announced that some equipment and revenues would be donated to charities. The company has partnered with a charity called The Unconnected and pledged to donate 700 mobile phones to digitally disadvantaged individuals. Furthermore, through a partnership with ClearRivers, HMD Global has contributed to the removal of 3.5 tons of plastic waste from rivers.

These initiatives demonstrate HMD Global’s commitment not only to improving their products but also to fulfilling their social and environmental responsibilities. The release of renewed products and donations to charities highlight the company’s dedication to sustainability and societal benefits.

HMD Global aims to take a pioneering role in the mobile technology world by preserving the reliability and quality of the Nokia brand while offering affordable and environmentally friendly options to users. With the introduction of renewed products, a broader user base will have access to this technology, and significant strides will be taken towards environmental sustainability.

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