Honor CEO Forecasts 260 Million Smartphone Shipments in 2023

Glory Zhao Ming, the CEO of Honor, has announced that the estimated smartphone shipments for 2023 will be approximately 260 million units. This Reflects a Marginal Decline Compared to the Previous Year. However, Zhao Ming emphasized that fluctuations in the consumer electronics market are normal and a part of the industry’s dynamics.

Zhao Ming also made significant statements regarding artificial intelligence. When discussing the relationship between large models and artificial intelligence, he highlighted the differences between cloud-based large models and artificial intelligence on mobile phones. He stated that artificial intelligence on smartphones focuses more on personalization and security. Honor will concentrate on developing AI on the terminal side and mentioned that there will be a certain combination of end-side AI and large models in the future.

However, for now, they will approach the combination of end-side AI and cloud-based large models with caution. Zhao Ming underscored the importance of focusing on Honor’s own development. He stated that while it is essential to pay attention to the changes of large models on the internet, it is equally important to consider how Honor itself will progress realistically. He emphasized that the company’s focus is on developing platform-level artificial intelligence that caters to the needs and usage of consumers. The goal is to improve the end-side user experience and provide better service to consumers.

These statements by Honor CEO Glory Zhao Ming reflect the company’s future strategies and plans in the field of artificial intelligence. It is evident that Honor aims to enhance customer satisfaction by developing AI technologies on the terminal side during a time when users value personalized experiences and security. This way, Honor intends to maintain and grow its competitive position in the smartphone market.

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