How to Check Battery Health on HyperOS (MIUI)

Batteries in smartphones undergo chemical corrosion as they are used, and therefore their lifespan decreases. Except for Apple and HUAWEI, most companies do not indicate the battery health of their smartphones. On Xiaomi devices, we can see the battery health in a few steps. You should pay attention to battery health. Because a bad battery can affect the performance of your device and cause sudden shutdowns. Even, batteries in bad condition may swell and explode over time. Since the battery health status is hidden deep inside the software, take a look at the article to learn the steps.

With iOS 11.3, introduced in March 2018, the battery health displaying feature was added to Apple devices. The curiosity about battery health, which started with Apple is now a detail that all users pay attention to. Displaying the battery health percentage via the settings is generally not available on other Android phones, with the exception of HUAWEI, but it is quite easy to find out the battery level on Xiaomi smartphones.

Check Xiaomi Battery Health using ADB/LADB

With this method, it is not necessary to use a computer to check the battery capacity. You can easily find out the battery capacity and battery health percentage with LADB on your phone. If you want to do it with a computer, you must ensure that ADB drivers are installed. After that, you need to enable developer options on your phone and turn on USB debugging. There is one more detail you should not forget: Your phone must be 100% charged. If you perform operations without fully charging your phone, you may measure the battery capacity incorrectly.

  • Step 1 – Open command prompt (cmd) on PC.
  • Step 2 – Type “adb shell” and connect your phone to PC. If the drivers are installed properly, PC will detect phone and you will see the device codename on command prompt.
  • Step 3 – Type “dumpsys battery” and enter.

You can check the current, voltage, capacity, temperature and all other information of your device’s battery. The “charge counter” in the informations shows the battery capacity of the device, “status” means whether the battery is full. If your battery is fully charged, will appear as “status: 5”. in which case you can find out your actual battery capacity and battery health. Regarding the information in the screenshot, the charge counter is 2368000. This means 2368 mAh. Data may vary depending on the battery capacity of your device.

In addition to battery capacity, you can check the battery health percentage with a simple math formula. The actual capacity in the technical specifications of your device and the current capacity you calculated above, together with the formula, will give you the percentage of battery health. The required mathematical formula is (actual capacity / current capacity)*100. An example, (2386/2800)*100. With this formula, you can determine the battery health percentage. 2386 mAH is the current battery capacity, while 2800 mAh is the actual battery capacity of the Pixel 4. As a result of the calculation, the battery health is 85%, the data may not 100% accurate. You can get the most accurate results by fully discharging and fully charging your device’s battery.

Check Xiaomi Battery Health using Bug Report Method

It is possible to check the battery health by creating an bug report in HyperOS. Open the generated bug report in notepad and calculate the actual battery capacity with the math formula. Use the same formula in the ADB method.

  • Step 1 – Open the settings and click the “My device”. Then view all specifications and click on CPU info 5 times.
  • Step 2 – Locate and extract the bug report zip file that matches the date you created the bug report. As an example: “”.
  • Step 3 – Click and enter the file you extracted, there is another zip inside. Extract this zip file and enter in this.
  • Step 4 – Open the text file in the last compressed file you extracted in a text editor and search for “healthd” in it.

The “fc” value in the healthd line shows the current capacity of your battery. According to the value “fc=4320000” in the screenshot, the current battery capacity of the device is 4320 mAh. The formula (Actual capacity / Current capacity)*100 can be used to calculate the percentage of battery health.


With two simple methods, you can calculate and view the battery capacity and battery health percentage of your Xiaomi device. If the battery health percentage is bad, fully charge the battery with a slow charger after discharging it completely. Then check your battery health percentage again, it might be helpful. If it still bad, it’s time to replace the battery with a new one.

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