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Wireless Android Auto, which makes life easier for today’s drivers, allows your Android phone to easily connect to your car without any wires. Unfortunately, not every car has this feature. To use Android Auto wirelessly, you have to use different devices or give up wireless connectivity. But with the newly introduced AAWireless device, your car can support wireless Android Auto. This small Android Auto box plugs into your car’s USB port and allows you to use Android Auto by wirelessly connecting your Android phone to your car that does not support wireless Android Auto.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is an application and interface platform that integrates Android-powered smartphones with cars. This technology allows drivers to use their smartphones in the car, so you can control important functions such as music playback, navigation, calls, and messaging without touching your smartphone or using voice commands.

Designed to keep your attention on the road while you drive, Android Auto is available in many new car models supported by automakers. It gives drivers safe access to their smartphones, making the driving experience more convenient and safer.

You can connect your Android phone to Android Auto wirelessly via cable or Bluetooth. To use Android Auto, your phone must be running Android 9 or later. On Android 9, you can download and use it as an app, while those using Android 10 and above will find this feature built into their devices.

How to use Wireless Android Auto on Unsupported Radios?

To use wireless Android Auto with unsupported car stereos, you need a device called AAWireless. AAWireless is a compact, cube-shaped device that communicates between your car’s Android Auto unit and your device. When you attach this device to your car, your smartphone connects to the Android Auto wireless unit via Wi-Fi. This is how you wirelessly connect your smartphone to Android Auto.

This device, called AAWireless, is a highly effective tool that allows your smartphone to communicate with your car’s Android Auto unit via Wi-Fi. This compact device, shaped like a small box that plugs into a USB port, is a hardware prototype that plugs directly into your car’s head unit.

The prototype connects to the phone in about 30 seconds, allowing users to access Android Auto directly from the car’s dashboard. This includes live navigation, media controls, and the ability to make and receive calls. It is also expected that the final device will have smaller dimensions (probably around 50mm x 50mm x 30mm) and will lose Ethernet and USB-A ports.

Wireless Android Auto is currently available with Android 11, but vehicle compatibility varies from car to car. Some vehicles may not support wireless connectivity and may require an upgrade to the head unit to get it. This is where the AAWireless device comes in. If you’re thinking about getting your hands on the AAWireless box, be prepared to wait a bit. The first pre-orders are shipping now, and the second-generation units will be released in October.

Source: AAWireless, 9to5google

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