How to identify fake smartphone screen? 5 ways to check

The screen is the most important part of a smartphone, as we constantly interact with the screen when using our phone. A replica of your smartphone’s screen can cause difficulties in using your phone or cause a sudden malfunction. If you buy a second-hand smartphone, ask the seller if any parts have been replaced and then use the methods in our article to check whether your screen is original.

Is the screen brightness high enough?

Original screens offer an ideal user experience even in sunlight and at maximum brightness. On the other hand, it is very easy to determine if the brightness is abnormally high. If the maximum brightness level is not enough for your eyes even in room light, it is likely that the smartphone screen is a replica screen.

Is the touch sensitivity good?

There is an obvious difference in touch sensitivity between original screens and replica screens. While original screens support stable touches with up to 10 fingers, replica screens may give unstable results in the 10-finger touch test or fail to recognise certain pressure actions. Replica screens may flicker during touchscreen tests. To test touch sensitivity, you can download the “Touch Screen Test” application from the Google Play Store.

[appbox googleplay com.microsys.TouchScreenTest]

Does the screen have an oleophobic coating?

The screens of smartphones have an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints and increase water resistance. When you run your finger over an original screen, it feels very polished. However, since most replica screens do not have an oleophobic coating, more fingerprints may appear and the top of the screens will not feel polished.

Make sure that your smartphone’s panel is AMOLED (If it says AMOLED display in its specifications)

If you look at the technical specifications of a used smartphone that you buy on the manufacturer’s website, you should definitely check whether it is equipped with an AMOLED screen. Due to their structure, AMOLED screens do not emit light when the screen is black. Go into a dark room and open a black screen. If the background is completely dark, your screen is 80% original; if the screen emits light in black images, your screen is a replica. Please note that there are also AMOLED versions of replica screens on the market, but they are more expensive than LCD screens. For this reason, an AMOLED smartphone with a broken screen is often replaced with a replica LCD screen.

Pay attention to screen bezels

The bezel thickness of replica screens is thicker than the original. Look at the pictures that other users have taken of the phone you want to buy and compare them with the screen of the phone you want to buy. If the frame of the screen is unusually thick, your screen could be a replica. To be sure, you need to find another phone of the same type and compare it.


There are hundreds of scammers on the markets for used smartphones. To avoid losing your money to scammers and to be absolutely sure that the screen of the smartphone you are buying is genuine, you can use 5 methods. If the phone screen is genuine, it will pass all the tests.

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