Huawei on the way to become #1 smartphone brand in China, credit goes to Mate 60 series

Among all smartphone brands over the past few years, Huawei has experienced some of the toughest times. They were significantly impacted by the sanctions that the United States of America imposed on Huawei. Their global presence essentially collapsed as a result. However, the company then made a number of initiatives to regain the market. As a result, Huawei and Honor were split apart. The company currently appears to be quickly regaining its market presence.

Huawei is gaining the Chinese market share at a very fast pace!

According to the most recent market data from China, Huawei is on its way back to dominating the smartphone industry. The market data revealed that between the 33rd and 36th weeks of 2023, the brand’s market share increased from 10.3% to 17%. Xiaomi used to hold the top spot in China (at 18.4%) but has now dropped to 14%.

Honor, a former Huawei subsidiary, had a little decrease in market share, from 17.7% to 17.2%. Due to the Mate 60 series and the Mate’s great performance, the market has changed a lot.


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By the fourth quarter of 2023, more people will be able to see Huawei’s impressive performance from this year. It is anticipated to finish the year strong in its position as China’s market leader. As a result, the firm will unseat one brand from the top spot among Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, and Honor, rearranging the top five brands in China. Apple continues to have minimal growth in the Chinese smartphone market, remaining on the periphery.

The latest insight on the Chinese market is surely very surprising. If the brand continues to grow at this faster rate, then I don’t think they are very far from achieving the largest smartphone market holder tag in the country. They are also trying to expand their global market by launching new devices as well.

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