Huawei Set to Launch Huawei Mate 60: Exciting Updates on Flagship Smartphone Series

China Securities Taurus has confirmed that the highly anticipated Huawei Mate 60, an elite flagship smartphone, has been successfully supplied by Huawei Supply Chain Company. This development signifies Huawei’s continued efforts to restore its product lineup and regain its production momentum. The Mate 60 is expected to be unveiled in the second half of this year.

P60 Series Release

In March of this year, Huawei introduced the P60 series of flagship smartphones, a move that was interpreted as a significant step towards returning to a normal production rhythm.

During a press conference, Hua Hegang, a Huawei representative, stated in an interview that the release of the P60 series in spring indicated a return to normalcy for Huawei products.

Anticipated Release of Huawei Mate 60

As per the latest information, the highly awaited Huawei Mate 60 is slated to be launched in the latter half of this year. Digital blogger @王李百斯通 shared insights, revealing that an engineering sample of the Mate 60 has surfaced.

Interestingly, this sample model is currently equipped with the Qualcomm SM8425 chip, which is the 4G version of Snapdragon 8+. However, it remains uncertain whether this chip will be incorporated into the mass-produced models.


The news surrounding Huawei’s flagship smartphone series and the impending release of the Mate 60 showcases Huawei’s determined efforts to restore its production rhythm. With the raised shipment targets and the eagerly awaited technical specifications and release date of the Mate 60, this is undoubtedly an exciting period for Huawei enthusiasts and consumers alike.

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