Huawei to Launch “Pangu Chat”: A Next-Generation AI Application

Huawei is preparing to make a new breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. The company’s next-generation artificial intelligence application based on ChatGPT, “Pangu Chat,” is set to be released next month. The Huawei Developer Conference 2023 (Cloud) will officially commence on July 7th, and as part of this event, branches will be opened in more than 30 cities worldwide and in over 10 countries.

Zhang Ping’an, the CEO of Huawei Cloud and the company’s executive director, mentioned in a letter addressed to developers that artificial intelligence technology is rapidly advancing, and they are initiating a new wave of application innovation in this field. He also stated that in an environment where numerous schools of thought are competing, the updating of thousands of industries will become a new breakthrough point for the artificial intelligence technology called “Al for Industries.”

Details have emerged regarding the technology Huawei used to train its Pangu large model. A broker revealed that the Huawei team utilized over 2,000 Ascend 910 chips for a period exceeding two months to train the Pangu model with billions of parameters. This impressive detail showcases the strength of Huawei’s data training capabilities.

With the release of Pangu Chat by Huawei, users will experience a more advanced and interactive artificial intelligence experience. The distinctiveness and innovations offered by the new application will enable users to obtain answers to various questions, seek assistance, and engage in conversational interactions in their daily lives.

In conclusion, Huawei’s upcoming next-generation artificial intelligence application, Pangu Chat, is set to be released soon, providing users with an enhanced artificial intelligence experience. Huawei’s collaboration with innovative technologies and the developer community will allow the company to maintain its leadership position in this field and continue to steer the future digital transformation process.

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