HyperOS Speed Up Tricks: Best Solutions

If you are using a Xiaomi smartphone with low specs and you are using your device with HyperOS, you may find that it hangs from time to time. There are other reasons for annoying stuttering besides insufficent hardware, even a small app or setting can cause your device to hang. System slowdowns, especially those experienced in entry-level Redmi smartphones introduced in previous years, cause users to look for solutions. There are some methods to prevent problems that may occur and speed up HyperOS.

How to Speed up HyperOS?

Budget Xiaomi and other devices with similar specifications are insufficent in hardware. Although these devices use the lightweight version of HyperOS, you may occur UI lag from time to time or the system interface may freeze. Take a look at how you can apply and speed up HyperOSwithout needing root.

Turn on Memory Extension

RAM expansion feature, which Xiaomi has offered with a new update for its devices since 2021 and later for the devices of other brands, uses the internal storage to create SWAP storage space and relieves RAM. Memory Extension feature doesn’t work as efficiently as a physical memory, but it speeds up HyperOS.

Turn on Auto Cache Cleaning

Your device’s cache can fill up quickly depending on usage, which can cause your device to freeze or animations to hang. You do not need to clear the cache via recovery mode, the automatic cache cleaning feature in HyperOS makes it convenient for you. This HyperOS feature clears the cache every time you lock your device’s screen. You can set the cache clearing interval.

Block System App Ads

HyperOS has long had ads built in, which you may have noticed when running a system app. These ads can cause delays in the user interface as they can consume system resources. It is very easy to block the ads that users often criticize and do not want to see. All you need to do is set up a private DNS. Enter “dns.adguard.com” into the private DNS provider and check if the ads are displayed to be sure. This helps speed up HyperOS.

Turn Off System Animations

This method, which is not HyperOS-specific, is a ordinary device speed-up tactic. Make sure your developer options are turned on and set the value of all animation scales specified in the screenshot to 0 or 0.5 and the animations will be faster than before and HyperOS will become faster.

Keep Internal Storage Clean

The state of your internal storage greatly affects the stability of your device. When your storage is mostly full, the speed of the storage chip slows down and you may experience stuttering on your device. To avoid this problem, keep the internal storage clean and do not install unnecessary applications.


All tactics to speed up HyperOS are applicable and practical even without root permission. These methods can speed up your device by approximately 50%. If your device still freezes or hangs, you can try resetting it, if that doesn’t work, you can try installing a custom ROM. If you suspect a hardware problem, be sure to contact a Xiaomi authorized service if your device is under warranty.

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