Indian Government might announce a common charger rule for all electronic devices

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Governments across the globe have started to form new laws and rules to regulate the world of technology. The EU (European Union) is among one of the rarest governments that have made multiple laws to regulate tech and digital products. A piece of news is now coming from the Government of India that they are probably working on a new common charger rule for electronic gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.

Government of India wants tech products to have a common charger

As per the report, devices such as smartphones and tablets sold in India will soon have to follow a new law where the products will be required to have a single standardized charging connector. This is mostly going to the USB Type-C port as it is currently the most famous one.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) which works under the Government of India may soon direct the OEMs to include uniform or common charging ports in smartphones and tablets. The rule is said to be covering more gadgets such as laptops as well; however, we are yet to get an official confirmation on the same.

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The common charger law is said to come into effect from June 2025. As for the common charger rule for laptops, the law will come into force starting in 2026. The EU passed a similar resolution back in 2022 that mandates the USB Type-C as a common charging port among devices such as smartphones, cameras, headphones etc. This was one of the prime reasons which forced Apple to introduce Type-C to its iPhones.

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The main goal of this new law is said to be reducing the e-waste that is being generated by multiple types of cables used by devices. The law will also benefit the users in several ways such as cost savings and feasibility.

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