Apple is getting rid of physical buttons on the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro

Apple just held its annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). The Cupertino tech giant announced its upgraded iOS 18 and iPadOS among other important announcements. It’s now time for the iPhone 16 series. As per the track record, we can expect the iPhone 16 series to be launched in September. But there’s a huge update for now that claims that the iPhone 16 Pro will not have physical buttons.

Are we getting rid of physical buttons on the iPhone 16 Pro?

A known tipster on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo has revealed something very surprising about the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro. As per him, the forthcoming device will not have physical control buttons. The cited source of this is the supply chain. You may wonder that if there were no physical buttons then how the users will control the device?

Well, the answer is capacitive buttons. Anyway, the tipster had previously reported that Apple is planning to remove physical buttons from the upcoming iPhones. However, there’s a catch. By removing the physical buttons, Apple doesn’t mean that there won’t be any control points. There would be raised parts in the same position as physical buttons. To shut down the phone, the users will have to press both the power button and volume buttons at the same time.

There are a lot of other things that aim towards the same. As per a report, Apple placed an order with ASE Technology Holding Co. Ltd. for tons of capacitive buttons. These buttons will be reportedly used to replace physical buttons on the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

iPhone 7 was the first iPhone where Apple replaced the physical button with a capacitive button in the Touch ID. The capacitive buttons rely on the pressure to initiate actions.

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