Leaked Details of Google’s Tensor G3: A Revolutionary Processor for Pixel 8

Leaked information from Android Authority has shed light on the highly anticipated Google Tensor G3 processor, set to power the forthcoming Pixel 8 smartphone. These leaks reveal groundbreaking advancements and capabilities, positioning Tensor G3 as a game-changer in the mobile processing landscape.

Tensor G3 Leaked Specifications

According to the leaked details reported by Android Authority, Tensor G3 is a highly innovative processor, featuring an Exynos-based architecture and remarkable AI capabilities. With Tensor G2 serving as a stepping stone, Google has made significant improvements, particularly in GPU enhancements. Tensor G1 and Tensor G2 utilized a unique 4+2+2 configuration, which differed significantly from the conventional CPU setups of the time. However, Tensor G3 appears to align more closely with the current industry standards with 1+4+4.

The leaks suggest that Tensor G3 will boast an impressive 9 cores, a substantial upgrade from its predecessors. While Tensor G1 and Tensor G2 employed the older Cortex-X1 cores, Tensor G3 will derive its power from the more modern ARM-V9 cores and Cortex-X3. The utilization of ARM-V9 cores brings not only enhanced processing power but also a range of advanced security features. These security enhancements may also be made available for devices using ARM-V9 architecture, including the highly anticipated Pixel 8.

Transition to 64-bit Applications Forcely

With the release of Pixel 7, Google phased out support for 32-bit applications. Although the previous Tensor processors retained 32-bit compatibility, Tensor G3 is expected to exclusively support 64-bit applications. This decision aligns with the industry’s shift towards 64-bit software, providing a more streamlined and efficient system for users. Tensor G3 will not have any capability to run 32-bit applications.

Improved GPU Performance and Codec Support

Tensor G3 is rumored to be equipped with the Mali-G715 GPU, a significant upgrade compared to the Mali-G710 and Mali-G78 utilized in previous Tensor processors. The inclusion of the Mali-G715 GPU promises enhanced graphics processing, leading to improved gaming performance and immersive visual experiences on the Pixel 8. Notably, Tensor G3 is rumored to be the first mobile chip capable of supporting the 4K60 AV1 codec, offering users exceptional video quality and playback capabilities.

AI Processing Power

Leaked information indicates that Tensor G3 will integrate the Pixel Neural Core, a dedicated AI processing unit introduced with the Pixel 4. While the Pixel Neural Core in previous iterations operated at 1.0 GHz, Tensor G3 is expected to elevate its performance to 1.1 GHz. This optimization will enable faster and more efficient AI computations, unlocking advanced AI-driven features and delivering seamless user experiences on the Pixel 8.

Based on leaked information from Android Authority, Google’s Tensor G3 processor is set to revolutionize the mobile industry. With its advanced core technology, improved GPU performance, support for 64-bit applications, and powerful AI processing capabilities, Tensor G3 promises to redefine smartphone capabilities and elevate user experiences. As the Pixel 8 series is unveiled, fans eagerly anticipate the official confirmation of the leaked details, which hint at the extraordinary potential of Tensor G3.

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