LTPO VR Technology: TCL Huaxing’s Revolutionary Leap in the Industry

TCL Huaxing stated in its recent announcement that it has taken a significant step forward in the field of LTPO VR technology. TCL Huaxing can maintain its position as an industry leader with its advanced LTPO-VR technology. This technology offers advanced features such as high penetration rate, high refresh rate, narrow bezels, and low power consumption to the industry.

According to reports, the LTPO VR technology supports features such as 1512 PPI resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate, and 4 ms response time.According to company officials, the LTPO technology is developed by combining LTPS and oxide TFT technologies. LTPS not only has advantages such as high mobility, high resolution, and fast response, but it also incorporates the advantages of IGZO, such as low leakage current, low refresh rate, high aperture ratio, and brightness.


This enables further reduction of power consumption and improvement of image quality for VR products without compromising product quality. In the long run, LTPO technology is expected to initiate an energy-saving and consumption-reducing trend in electronic products and have broad application prospects in various fields.

TCL CSOT LTPO VR technology offers features such as high penetration rate, high resolution, and fast response. LTPO VR has a higher penetration rate compared to the current LTPS VR back panel, which can reduce power consumption by more than 10%. Additionally, the use of IGZO technology in LTPO VR provides lower power consumption compared to traditional LTPS. By being able to reduce the crosstalk phenomenon below 2%, image clarity and quality can be significantly improved. The high penetration rate of LTPO VR allows for the reduction of cell gap, thereby improving response speed and achieving a response time of less than 4 ms. Along with a high refresh rate, issues like motion blur and dizziness can be greatly mitigated, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

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