Meizu now holds the record: This screen has no bezels

In a thrilling revelation, the CEO of Meizu has shared a captivating sneak peek of the highly anticipated Meizu 21 on Weibo, showcasing what could be the smartphone with the thinnest bezels to date. The snapshot offers an enticing glimpse into the design philosophy that Meizu is embracing for its flagship device.

The image posted by the Meizu CEO on Weibo reveals the Meizu 21 sporting a revolutionary 1.74mm four-sided narrow bezel design. This is a remarkable feat, suggesting that Meizu is pushing the boundaries of smartphone design to deliver a near-edgeless visual experience. The thinnest bezels seen in the snapshot hint at an immersive display that could set new standards in the industry.

Samsung Flat Display Elegance

The picture showcases the Meizu 21’s 6.55-inch Samsung Flat Display, emphasizing the commitment to providing users with a visually stunning experience. The combination of the flat display and ultra-thin bezels not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also indicates a focus on maximizing the screen real estate for an immersive viewing experience.

Durable and Stylish

The snapshot doesn’t just highlight the display prowess but also offers a glimpse of the phone’s metal middle frame, reinforcing the device’s durability. Coupled with the “Unique Aura” design mentioned in earlier leaks, Meizu seems to be aiming for a smartphone that not only withstands the test of time but also stands out as a stylish accessory.

While the snapshot provides a tantalizing view of the Meizu 21’s exterior, the details about the internal specifications, camera features, and other crucial aspects remain a mystery. Smartphone enthusiasts are now even more eager for Meizu to officially unveil the complete details of the Meizu 21, promising an experience that goes beyond the surface.

As the anticipation builds, it remains to be seen how Meizu will leverage this innovative design to create a smartphone that not only captivates users with its visual appeal but also delivers a high-performance and feature-rich experience. The unveiling of the Meizu 21 is poised to be a significant moment in the world of smartphones, and users are on the edge of their seats to see how Meizu’s vision translates into reality.

Source: Weibo

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