Microsoft updates the Bing AI chatbot with image recognition and the ability to recognize disease symptoms.

Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot has recently received new updates, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the artificial intelligence field. These improvements have made Bing AI even more versatile.

Microsoft’s new updated Bing chatbot

One of the most remarkable enhancements to Microsoft’s AI chatbot is its new recognition of complex images. Users can now upload images to the Bing AI chatbot or simply provide the image URL, prompting Bing to initiate a comprehensive analysis of the visual content.

In a photo sent to Bing, a man is seen ironing a piece of clothing in the back of a taxi. Bing is able to recognize that ironing in a taxi is not a common thing to do, and that it can be dangerous. It can also recognize humorous memes shared online and explain why people find them funny.

In this image, it didn’t recognize exactly why the meme was funny, but when asked what the brand of the cable was in the photo, it did quite well by answering ELECOM.

The recent updates to Bing AI go beyond image recognition alone. The chatbot is now capable of generating code based on visual representations. By sketching a simple website design, capturing it and uploading it to Bing, users can obtain practical code snippets.


Bing AI’s remarkable abilities extend to identifying medical questions. Bing can suggest appropriate remedies such as applying ice to the affected area and recommending the use of vitamin supplements when presented with a photo of an individual with a skin rash on their arm,

Microsoft’s free offering of the Bing AI chatbot performs quite well. It’s important to note that the updated version with image recognition capabilities is currently limited to limited users and not yet available to the public.

Try out the Microsoft’s AI chatbot by visitin this link here.

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