New Feature Alert: Xiaomi Will Soon Offer Disable Ads Option

Xiaomi devices are known for providing top-notch hardware at a very competitive pricing. However, the advertisements were one of the biggest drawbacks of the Xiaomi devices. Their devices come with tons of Xiaomi’s apps such as GetApps. Some of these application comes with annoying advertisements pop-ups and notifications. There are workarounds to disable these ads, but there is no official button to do so. However, Xiaomi seems to be finally adding an option to disable these ads.

Users will be soon able to turn off ads on Xiaomi devices

According to some recent reports, Xiaomi is reportedly working on a new toggle that will allow its users to disable ads inside the system apps directly from settings. The toggle is said to be getting added in the future update of Xiaomi HyperOS. This is going to be good news for the users as they won’t have to look for workarounds to get rid of annoying ad pop-ups and notifications. A single button will turn off all the ads you get on Xiaomi smartphones.

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The new option was spotted on the test version of HyperOS running on Xiaomi 13 Pro. Given that this is a part of the test version for now, there’s no 100-percent guarantee that this option will make its way to the stable version. But what we can say for now is that the chances of it coming are fairly high. Xiaomi has faced enough criticism because of giving ads in the system apps.

Xiaomi ads disable

Not only these ads are way too annoying in the form of notifications and pop-ups, but they sometimes suggest some really weird things such as gambling platforms. Xiaomi, however, makes its stance clear by saying that the number of ads you see on their devices is fairly low and these ads help the brand to develop and improve its products and services.

The same text reads “Turn this feature on to allow showing a small number of ads in system apps. These ads help us develop and improve our products and services. You can choose to turn this feature off anytime.” This can be seen on the settings page which will have the option to allow the users to disable system apps’ ads in a single click.

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We see this addition as a welcome change. The users were frustrated because of the presence of advertisements on the official system apps of the Xiaomi devices. They will be now finally able to get rid of it by making use of the new option that will allow them to disable ads in a single click.

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