New Goodix fingerprint sensor to be cheaper than Qualcomm’s

A tech blogger on Weibo has revealed that Goodix’s upcoming under-display fingerprint sensor may be released by the end of this year. Goodix has been supplying fingerprint sensors to many smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei for years. While Goodix has been working on optical fingerprint sensors for a long time, according to new rumors, they are now starting to make ultrasonic fingerprint sensors as well, and we might see Goodix’s new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor by the end of this year.

In fact, there are already ultrasonic fingerprint sensors available in the market. Unlike optical sensors, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors transmit sound waves to your finger without requiring external lighting and start the authentication process by creating a unique fingerprint model. Ultrasonic fingerprint technology offers a higher level of security compared to optical ones.

Qualcomm had been the sole provider of ultrasonic fingerprint sensors. However, Goodix is now expecred to join this market segment. As per information from DCS, Goodix’s under-screen fingerprint sensor is anticipated to be more cost-effective than Qualcomm’s offering.

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor not only enhances security but also boasts the ability to authenticate your fingerprint even when your hand is wet. This implies that during wet or dirty conditions, users will encounter fewer challenges compared to using an optical fingerprint sensor. Additionally, we may see ultrasonic fingerprint sensors instead of optical ones in midrange phones in the future, mainly because Goodix’s under-display fingerprint sensor is cheaper than Qualcomm’s.

Source: DCS

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