New version of Android Auto brings a brand new user interface of the voice assistant!

Google’s latest update to Android Auto has finally been revealed. It was initially mentioned at the Google I/O 2022 event, and now a glimpse of the redesigned Android Auto interface have been shared by 9to5google. It actually brings an interface of Google Assistant on Android Auto looking very similar to Android devices.

Android Auto 10 – Google Assistant

One of the key enhancements in Android Auto 10 is the revamped interface of Google Assistant. It now appears at the bottom of the screen in glowing Google colors, whereas previously it had a completely opaque design. This new Google Assistant interface closely resembles the design found in modern Android devices.

Although the new version of Android Auto may not come pre-installed with this new interface, the updated Google Assistant might only be available to select users at the moment. If you are an Android Auto user, you can update the interface by following the link provided here and check if the new Google Assistant has become available to you.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new design of Google Assistant. Please share your feedback in the comments section!

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