RIP Nokia! HMD Phone 1 will be launch

HMD Global’s CEO Jean Francois Baril mentioned that new technological products will be launched under the HMD brand. Today, we want to announce a world first. The GSMChina team has spotted the first two HMD-phone. This exciting development shows us what the HMD brand can do in 2024. Especially in the Indian market, it is obvious that HMD wants to move forward. So is there any information about the models to be launched under the new HMD brand? Here are all the details in our article!

HMD Global’s New First HMD Phone

HMD Global is working on 2 new smartphones. Information obtained through the GSMA IMEI Database has officially confirmed this. The technical specifications of these models are not yet known, but it’s nice to have their existence confirmed. Competition between different smartphone manufacturers is important for users. The new HMD smartphones are expected to have superior specifications.

Meet the new HMD-branded smartphones! These models are being tested internally by HMD. The model numbers of the new HMD phones are N159V and TA-1585 respectively. While the technical specifications of the products are unclear, users should be excited for the new models to come with advanced features. This the second model is an old Nokia model. But it shows under HMD branding.

Jean Francois Baril did not mention the details of the upcoming products under the HMD brand. But today, we are revealing the first details. HMD Global’s new 2 smartphones will be curious to see how it will be.

While many smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo remain popular, it is unknown what HMD Global will do. If good products are launched that users will love, almost everyone can use new HMD-phone smartphones. Of course, this is a development that will happen over time. We will keep you informed when there is a new development.

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