Nubia Z50 SE spotted on the IMEI Database, will be launched together with Z60 series!

Nubia was known to be working on Z60 series, but now information has surfaced that it is working on a new model. New Nubia Z50 SE has been spotted on the GSMA IMEI Database. This new device is not expected to differ much from Nubia’s Z50 series. However, the “SE” could represent a different model with a more affordable processor and other features. Unfortunately, we don’t have definitive information on this at the moment, so we can only speculate.

Nubia Z50 SE in GSMA IMEI Database

We do not have any information about the specifications of the Nubia Z50 SE. In the GSMA IMEI Database, this device is listed with the model number NX715J. However, this listing does not contain any details about the specifications of the device. Therefore, uncertainty remains as to what hardware specs this new model will have. Since there has been no official announcement of Nubia Z50 SE, it is not clear when the device will be launched or in which markets it will be available.

Nevertheless, it is expected to be introduced at the same time as Z60 series. Nubia’s Z60 series is known for its high performance and advanced camera features. It is possible that this new Nubia Z50 SE could be a more affordable option and a special edition for specific markets.

We have already spotted Nubia Z60 series in the IMEI Database. Nubia Z60 series will include 2 models.  Nubia’s new smartphone Nubia Z50 SE has limited information and we will have to wait for more details about this model. As more information about this secret Nubia model comes to light, users and tech enthusiasts will be able to learn more about its features and performance.

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