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Nubia Z50S Pro Unveils New Color: Nature’s Dazzling Materials!

Nubia, a prominent smartphone manufacturer in the tech world, has caught the attention once again with the official announcement of the Nubia Z50S Pro mobile phone. Yesterday, two color schemes for the phone were revealed, and today an exclusive color scheme has been officially unveiled, called “Light Picking Realm,” claiming to be inspired by frost rock design and marble texture.

As seen from the official poster, the “Light Picking Realm” color scheme features a white back cover with silver angular framing, showcasing a truly captivating and visually appealing marble texture. However, to make a more accurate judgment, we will have to wait for the official release to experience it in person.

The “Light Picking Realm” color scheme for the Nubia Z50S Pro comes with a “rainbow holographic textured transparent ring” positioned around the circular lens module, allowing users to observe colors from different angles under the light and accentuating the phone’s elegant design even further.

In terms of specifications, the Nubia Z50S Pro is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship version processor, running at a high frequency of 3.36GHz. Its 1.5K super retina eye protection display provides users with an impressive visual experience. Moreover, the phone boasts a 5100mAh battery with an 80W fast charging feature, making it durable and practical for prolonged usage.

The camera features of the Nubia Z50S Pro are also noteworthy, with a new 35mm special wide aperture lens and a sensor that enhances light sensitivity by 56%. It is complemented by a custom 1G+6P professional optical lens, enabling users to capture high-quality photographs. The phone’s Abbe number, which can reach up to 81.6, and the inclusion of blue glass spin-coated IR filters, enhance the overall imaging performance. Additionally, the support for 3D Lut professional motor and lightning capture upgrade 4.0 further elevates the photography experience.

In conclusion, the Nubia Z50S Pro “Light Picking Realm” mobile phone stands out with its captivating design and powerful technical features. Inspired by frost rock and marble textures, this color scheme offers users a perfect blend of style and performance. We eagerly await the official release to experience the true potential and user experience of this phone.

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