One UI 6 might be the biggest update ever released by Samsung, here’s everything new.

Tarun Vats, a tech blogger on Twitter, shared some early information about the One UI 6 such as the new features and availability per region. He provided a comprehensive list of the features and improvement that One UI 6 will bring.

One UI 6

According to Tarun Vats, the beta update of One UI 6 for Samsung Galaxy S23 will be expanded to several new countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others.

The release of One UI 6 is scheduled to begin during the beginning of the next week. Here are some of the potential advancements that Samsung devices will have with the release of One UI 6.

  • Changes in Overall Software UI/Design
  • Better performance
  • Restriction to install outdated apps
  • Satellite Connectivity
  • Predictive Gesture
  • Seamless update
  • Handling background apps more efficiently
  • Partial screen recording
  • Drag and drop Files
  • More lockscreen customizations

Samsung will be done a very good job if they manage to offer some of the features in the list. Google has introduced the “Predictive gesture” feature with Android 14, and only a few Android OEMs have implemented it so far, there are some phones running the Android 14 Beta version but with the broken predictive gesture. “Predictive gesture” is an entirely new animation for navigating back, which comes with Android 14. For instance, when using a browser, you can preview whether swiping the screen to go back will take you to the previous webpage or completely close the browser. The Predictive gesture provides an early indication through a subtle, smooth animation, ensuring that you don’t accidentally end up on the wrong page.

If Samsung has brought it in the beta version, they should be took care of the UI a lot. One UI has been offering very monotone design aesthetics on the recent One UI versions. On the other hand, the “More lockscreen customizations” in the list might refer to the ability to add widgets to the lock screen. Nothing Phone (2) has introduced this feature with their latest Nothing OS, allowing users to place widgets on the lock screen that’s previously only possible doing it on the home screen. This is a similar feature to what Apple introduced with iOS 16.

If One UI 6 brings a significant redesign and smoother animations, it has the potential to become one of the most strong Android interfaces. In the realm of smartphones, interfaces such as Nothing OS, Color OS, MIUI, and many others offer unique features and continuously enhance the user experience for their customers. Seamless updates, better animations and more customization options are the things requested by many Samsung users.

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