This is how the upcoming OnePlus Pad Go will look in real-life

OnePlus is all set to launch their second generation of the tablet or to say the vanilla variant of the first-gen OnePlus Pad. The brand has already started teasing it in the Indian market and the official launch is expected to happen very sooner than expected. It will sit below the top-tier OnePlus Pad and will be dubbed as “OnePlus Pad Go.”

Going back to our main topic, the images of the forthcoming OnePlus Pad Go are now out on the internet which reveals the complete look and design of the gadget.

Here’s how the OnePlus Pad Go will look!

The OnePlus Pad Go has a similar green design as the OnePlus Pad but with a lighter shade this time. The tablet also has curved corners, which is a unique feature in the tablet world. This design element provides a more comfortable grip, without the worry of sharp edges digging into your hands.

OnePlus Pad Go
Image credit – Digital Trends

From the front, it looks precisely like the OnePlus Pad with no noticeable changes. Maybe some tiny modifications in chin size – that’s all. The OnePlus Pad Go takes the two-tone appearance a step further on the rear, with a broad strip running horizontally alongside the top border.

“We are committed to the ongoing development and expansion of both of these product lines in order to effectively cater to the diverse needs of our ever-expanding consumer base in the near future,” says OnePlus executive.

When compared to the original OnePlus Pad, the Pad Go will be significantly less expensive. Even so, it appears that it will provide a very good set of specs. Kinder Liu, COO and President of OnePlus confirmed to Digital Trends that the forthcoming tablet will have a 2.4K display.

Liu defines it as a “mid-tier entertainment tablet” with “outstanding visual quality without breaking the bank.” Along with the pixel-dense screen, the OnePlus Pad Go includes TÜV Rheinland certification for eye care and Dolby Atmos for high-fidelity audio output.

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