OnePlus to announce world’s first aerospace-grade cooling system, unveils in ChinaJoy 2023.

OnePlus will unveil a brand new aerospace-grade “Tiangong cooling” system tomorrow at the ChinaJoy event. It’s hard to guess what kind of cooling system it is, but OnePlus apparently seems to be working on something big.

OnePlus’ new aero-space grade Tiangong cooling system

OnePlus has been very successful in releasing unique concept devices for a long time, before that they made a concept device that made the rear cameras almost invisible with the help of color shifting glass. OnePlus’ newest concept device to date is the “OnePlus 11 Concept”.

The colorful strips in OnePlus 11 Concept are actually both a visual show and an active cooling system, OnePlus calls it Active CyroFlux. It’s always been a concept device and never went on sale, but the new cooling system that OnePlus is working on looks like it could be a big thing, maybe it will be available to customers.

With tomorrow’s reveal of the new cooling system, details about the OnePlus Ace2 Pro are expected to emerge, as a new cooling system should be used in a performance-oriented phone from OnePlus. OnePlus Ace2 Pro is essentially a special phone because the phone will come with 24 GB RAM. That’s more RAM than many laptops currently on the market.

The OnePlus Ace2 Pro will have 24 GB of RAM, 1 TB of UFS 4.0, a 1.5K resolution display and 150W fast charging. We expect more details to be revealed tomorrow.

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