OPPO and Huawei charging cables cannot charge iPhone 15

iPhone 15 series was finally introduced with a USB-C port, but it seems that both OPPO and Huawei charging cables have trouble charging the iPhone 15 series. While Apple indeed launches successful products in the past, the company imposes specific limitations on both the hardware and software of the Apple devices. These restrictions are such that Apple mandates the use of factory-original components for each iPhone. If you break your iPhone’s display and try to fix on your own, iPhone will detect the absence of the original screen due to the unique serial number pairing of all components, resulting in the loss of features like Face ID and True Tone.

Following the launch of iPhone 15 series, the primary concern among the people was whether the USB-C port featured in iPhones would come with any restriction, and indeed, it does. iPhone 15 and 15 Plus USB-C port runs at USB 2.0 speeds, whereas only the Pro models support USB 3.0 speeds. However, a Chinese tech blogger has observed that the restriction extends beyond this, as some charging cables cannot charge iPhone 15 series.

In the test including chargers from various smartphone manufacturers to charge iPhone 15 series, only Huawei and Honor failed. Both companies’ charging cables cannot charge iPhone 15 series at all, as evidenced by the video shared by the Chinese tech blogger. Huawei cables cannot charge iPhone 15 series and things are somewhat different with OPPO.

Charging cables made by OnePlus, iQOO, Xiaomi, and realme are able to charge iPhone 15 and deliver 20W of power through the PD 3.0 charging protocol. However, the OPPO charging cable did not activate Power Delivery and could only supply a 1.5A current, equivalent to around 7.5W.

Huawei and Honor charging cables were completely failed at charging the iPhone 15 and OPPO‘s charging speed remained limited to 7.5W, a very slow charging speed. If you own an iPhone 15, you’ll need to carefully think about which cable to buy or go Apple Store and buy directly from Apple, as Apple wishes so.

Source: Weibo

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