OPPO and OnePlus to jointly work on the camera department; officially confirmed

OnePlus is preparing to launch its next flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 12. A few years ago, the brand merged its software department with OPPO, and since then, the distinction between the two brands has become less significant. A new report is circulating on the internet claiming that OPPO and OnePlus will now collaborate on their imaging technology and software. Keep reading to learn more!

OPPO to jointly work on camera tech for the upcoming OnePlus 12

On November 8, Paris will host a key event with an amazing exhibition of technological innovation at the OPPO Imaging Strategic Communication and Paris Film Festival. This event will reveal to an international audience OPPO’s yearly super imaging masterpieces, kicking off a global celebration of imaging brilliance.

OPPO is about to unveil its latest “Imaging Strategy,” which includes the Super Image Algorithm and Super Image Engine. According to rumors, the OnePlus 12 will be the first to benefit from this strategy, providing an exceptional portfolio of capabilities that combine superior LYTIA LYT808 + IMX581 ultra-wide-angle + OV64B periscope telephoto technology developed in collaboration with Hasselblad. This collaboration intends to establish a new benchmark for an unrivaled imaging experience.

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OnePlus China President Li Jie Louis has expressed great faith in the OnePlus 12, calling it the pinnacle of mobile photography. The device’s powerful imaging characteristics are likely to outperform competition, even outperforming the most recent Pro image flagships. This device’s unique combination of technology and algorithms promises image quality that is set to alter the smartphone photography scene.

The upcoming OnePlus 12 is a highly anticipated device that will celebrate the brand’s ten-year anniversary of flagship devices. Leaks suggest that it will come with a powerful set of specifications, as well as robust software optimization. It is rumored to excel not only in the camera department but also in other areas such as display and user experience.


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