OPPO’s new flagship to offer same camera tech as Xperia 1 V

OPPO and Sony collaboration unveils a brand new LYTIA image sensor. This sensor offers the same double layer transistor technology found in Sony’s premium camnera phone, the Xperia 1 V. As a result of the Sony and OPPO partnership, OPPO has announced their new LYTIA image sensor, marketing it as the “future of computational photography”. OPPO Find X6 Pro was one of the first Android OEMs to use a 1-inch camera sensor among smartphone brands, and now OPPO aims to make significant improvements in photography with this new image sensor.

In fact, double-layer transistor image sensors are not entirely new, Sony first introduced this technology in 2021, and this year Sony used it for the first time in their Sony Xperia 1 V phone.  Both of these layers can capture more light, minimize image noise, and disappear issues related to exposure in settings where bright and dim lighting conditions exist together, such as when you take a photo of a single light source in a dim enviroment. The new sensor can deliver high-quality, low-noise images in low-light scenarios.

If this technology is further developed by OPPO and Sony together, it could be a real breakthrough for smartphone photography. It’s important to note that a new image sensor would also require a brand new image signal processor. A few months ago, OPPO discontinued its in-house MariSilicon ISPs. Consequently, OPPO has entered into agreements with various manufacturers, suggesting that future flagship OPPO phones may feature a brand new ISP produced by an external manufacturers.

Source: OPPO

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