POCO F5 will receive HyperOS 1.0 update soon

POCO F5 is POCO’s latest F series model. The smartphone is known for its high performance and impressive AMOLED panel. All users were surprised by Xiaomi’s announcement of HyperOS. Millions of people are eagerly waiting for the new HyperOS. In recent days, it was wondered when POCO F5 users would receive the HyperOS update. We have excellent news for you. POCO F5 will receive the HyperOS 1.0 update soon.

POCO F5 HyperOS Update Latest Status

HyperOS is a user interface based on Android 14. The new update also brings Android 14. Android 14 is Google’s latest operating system and includes significant optimizations. Android 14-based HyperOS will improve system performance. In addition, improved animations, a revamped system interface and more will come with HyperOS. Very soon, POCO F5 will have all the new features that HyperOS will bring. Because the HyperOS update is now ready for POCO F5.

The last internal HyperOS builds of POCO F5 have been tested by POCO and the new update will be coming soon. The update will roll out first to users in Europe. In the near future, it will be released to users in other regions. Please note that the update is based on Android 14. With the HyperOS update, the POCO F5 will also receive Android 14.

So when will POCO F5 receive the HyperOS update? The update is expected to be rolled out in “Mid-December” at the latest. However, if any bugs are found, the update date may change. Please wait patiently. We’ll let you know when there’s any new news.

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