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Polestar Phone features leaked

Polestar is an electric vehicle company owned by Geely. However, recent developments suggest that Polestar will launch its own smartphone. The specifications of this smartphone were previously unknown, now we at the GSMChina team have spotted the new Polestar Phone on the IMEI database and revealed that this model has almost the same specs as the Meizu 20 Infinity. Already some images have leaked on the internet that the Polestar Phone looks similar to the Meizu 20 series.

Meizu last officially launched the Meizu 21 series. Now Polestar and Meizu are collaborating on a common model. Polestar and Meizu are both subsidiaries of Geely. This collaboration seems to represent the vision of Geely’s subsidiaries to seamlessly integrate smartphones with electric vehicles.

Polestar Phone arrives

Geely’s strategic move is not limited to smartphones. The company clearly wants to create its own ecosystem with an approach similar to Xiaomi’s HyperOS operating system. Many companies are trying to create a large technology ecosystem at the same time as they launch their electric vehicles.

Polestar is a company that designs electric vehicles. This company is owned by Geely, which also owns Meizu. Geely’s subsidiaries Polestar and Meizu are preparing to announce their first collaboratively developed phone. In fact, an already existing model will be renamed the Polestar Phone. We spotted the Polestar Phone on the IMEI database and it revealed that this model is actually the Meizu 20 Infinity.

Polestar Phone has the model number “M392S“. Interestingly, the Meizu 20 Infinity had the model number “M392Q” and its outstanding specs surprised everyone. Now we find out that Polestar Phone will have the same specifications as Meizu 20 Infinity. The smartphones are powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The premium features of the Meizu 20 Infinity will be the same in the Polestar Phone.

What Xiaomi wants to do with the HyperOS operating system, Geely is now trying to do. While many companies are launching electric vehicles, they are also trying to create an ecosystem. This move by Geely confirms that this is exactly what will happen.

Polestar Phone, collaboratively developed by Geely’s subsidiaries Polestar and Meizu, is not just a smartphone, it is also a step that represents Geely’s future technology-oriented vision.

This synergy between electric vehicles and smartphones is a strategy in line with Geely’s goal of building a broad technology ecosystem. These developments emphasize Geely’s determination to become a more effective player in the automotive and technology world.

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