Qualcomm and Sony Announce Long-Term Partnership for Next-Generation Smartphones

Qualcomm and Sony have announced a long-term strategic partnership, as per the news dated June 23rd. Under this collaboration, both parties will work together to integrate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile computing platform into Sony’s future lineup of high-end, flagship, and mid-range smartphones, aiming to create next-generation smart devices. Nuo Hamaguchi, Head of Sony’s mobile division, mentioned that the new Xperia 1 V smartphone equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has exceeded consumers’ expectations.

Industry experts believe that this partnership strengthens and solidifies Qualcomm’s customer relationships. In the coming years, Sony’s mobile phone products will be equipped with Qualcomm processors, regardless of the price, reducing the chances of collaboration with other processor suppliers. Previously, the GeekBench database unveiled a new Sony phone model, XQ-DS99, powered by the Dimensity 8000 processor.

While specific details of the collaboration between Qualcomm and Sony have not been disclosed, Sumahodigest, a Japanese media outlet, highlighted that Qualcomm is discussing processor customization services with Sony, and the collaboration is expected to expand to include handheld gaming consoles as well. Furthermore, there are reports suggesting that Qualcomm is expected to manufacture certain processors and peripheral chips in Sony-controlled 2nm fab Rapidus and the Kumamoto factory, a joint venture between Sony and TSMC.

Recent years have seen a deepening collaboration between Qualcomm and Sony. In 2021, the two companies jointly established a camera and imaging lab in San Diego, California. Additionally, Qualcomm’s 5G NR mmWave lab in Farnborough, UK, became the first lab utilized by Sony.

This partnership between Qualcomm and Sony signifies their commitment to creating advanced smartphones and delivering enhanced performance to consumers in the future.

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