Real-life images of the Nubia Z60 Ultra looks awesome

Nubia, a leading player in the world of mobile technology, has once again captured attention with its latest model, the Z60 Ultra. Real-life images of this new smartphone have surfaced, drawing particular interest with its unique approach to camera design. Among the standout features of the Nubia Z60 Ultra are the 5th gen UDC Q9+ Display, an impressive camera configuration, and a robust battery capacity.


One of the most noteworthy features of the Nubia Z60 Ultra is its groundbreaking approach to camera design. This unique design, unprecedented in previous models, carefully situates the cameras on the rear surface, providing an aesthetic integrity distinct from traditional arrangements. This design aims to offer users a combination of elegance and functionality.

Camera Features of Nubia Z60 Ultra

The cameras of the Nubia Z60 Ultra promise professional performance for both photography and videography. Here’s the impressive camera configuration:

  • 50MP 1/1.49″/1.56″ 35mm OIS Primary: The main camera is designed to capture high-resolution images with optical image stabilization (OIS) for capturing perfect moments.
  • 50MP 1/1.55″ 18mm OIS UW: The wide-angle lens is ideal for landscapes and group photos, presenting details and colors impressively.
  • 64MP 1/2″ 85mm 3x OIS Periscope Telephoto: The periscope design allows for clear and high-quality zoom even at long distances.
  • Neovision Imaging: Nubia’s proprietary imaging technology enhances the vividness and details of photos, offering users a unique visual experience.

Other Features

In addition to the camera features, the Nubia Z60 Ultra provides a high-resolution and vibrant display with the 5th gen UDC Q9+ Display. Moreover, with a 6000mAh battery capacity, it offers extended usage, making it an ideal solution for meeting daily needs.



The Nubia Z60 Ultra seems to make a bold entry into the world of mobile technology with its innovative camera design and powerful features. The emphasis on cameras and the unique design in this aspect aim to provide users with a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing photography experience. This new model appears poised to captivate mobile technology enthusiasts with its impressive features and stylish design.

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